Presentation Intelligence; crucial for every professional who gives presentations. Also for your event!

The problem of many presentations at events and in-company

Many professionals have never really learned how to deliver a successful presentation with slides as support. It’s no surprise then that presentation tools are still regularly used as a reading tool and that many presentations are experienced as boring by the public.

These kinds of presentations costs money instead of gaining it.


The value of Presentation Intelligence

During the inspiring presentation Presentation Intelligence, Frowa lets the audience experience the do’s and dont’s of a professional presentation. She shows how to create space for contact with the audience and how to achieve more when you speak. The common thread of her message is the model she has developed. Step by step she shows in a refreshing way how each participant can make better presentations than ever before.

Frowa has spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium, Surinam, Austria, New Zealand and Namibia.

interactive  | varied  |  humorous  |  enthusiastic audience  |  informative

For who?

For every event organized for professionals who have to deliver presentations as part of their work. Ask about the possibilities of customization in combination with break-out sessions, workshops and MC.

Unique model PowerPoint Intelligence

Displays the characteristics of a successful presentation.

About Frowa

Speaker, author, trainer & mentor


  • Educationalist
  • Discovered that many presentations are not successful because PowerPoint is used incorrectly
  • Author of PowerPoint Intelligence
  • Founder Powerful Presentations
  • Since 1990 trainer presentation techniques
  • Professional member and board member PSA Holland
  • Former member lobal Speakers Association
  • Board member Virtual Speakers Association International

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